Released Veusz 2.1

29 Oct 2017

If a file cannot be imported on document load Veusz wil now ask for a new filename. There are substantial cleanups in the stylesheet, setting and widget code. If an expression results in a number, it is now possible to plot the value. Line numbers are now given if there is a CSV decoding error. The endsize setting now works in the bar plot widget. The covariance widget now has an option for the number of steps plotted. For compatibility, C++11 compilation is forced on Unix and the dependency on the deprecated sipconfig module has been removed. HDF5 files are now opened in readonly mode. There are a number of bug fixes, including in the filename chooser for image widgets, the document reload menu option, the export dialog and the unsafe code dialog box. If there is an error loading data with a plugin, do not simply log the error.

Please see the release notes.